About us

RapidCompact is the result of more than six years of intense R&D. Created by DGG, RapidCompact is the world‘s leading SaaS tool for 3D data optimization.

The company

The Darmstadt Graphics Group (DGG) GmbH is a graphics focused company located in Darmstadt, Germany. Our RapidCompact product was developed as a result of more than six years of R&D.​ DGG was founded in 2018 as a spinoff of the Fraunhofer Society – a leading research institution well-known for the creation of MP3.

Our vision:
Making 3D accessible to everyone.

Our mission:
Providing essential tools for 3D data optimization, automated, lightning-fast, and usable by anyone. We do so by pushing the state-of-the-art, backed up by research and highly focused development.

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Originally developed at the Fraunhofer Society, RapidCompact offers unparalleled performance for massive-scale use and the automation of complex 3D asset optimization.​

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FTTF Fraunhofer Technologietransfer Fonds
3VC Venture Capital Fonds Austria
Khronos Group 3D Standards Consortium
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Fraunhofer IGD Darmstadt Research Institute
Continental Automotive Logo
Turbosquid 3D Model Marketplace
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
botspot 3D scanner Berlin
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