PBR Next Material Capabilities Supported by RapidCompact


RapidCompact now supports the recently released PBR Next material extensions for Clear Coat, Transmission and Sheen. Users are now able to process glTF models using the new material extensions.

Previously, PBR materials only included parameters for Base Color, Metalness, Roughness, Emission, Normal Map, and Baked Ambient Occlusion. The three new extensions enable developers and artists to create photorealistic content. More in detail, the extensions help with the following:

  • Transmission: Models the light passing through material, preserving specular reflections. Use-cases: glass, stained glass, water.
  • Clear Coat: Adds layer of shine and polish. Use-cases: realistic paint finishes in automotive.
  • Sheen: Provides sheen roughness and sheen color channels to simulate the effect light interaction with microfibers in cloth. Use-cases: apparel, furniture, items made with of cloth or fuzzy materials.

When optimizing 3D content which uses PBR materials with RapidCompact, users can now preserve also the new material extensions for Transmission, Clear Coat and Sheen throughout the process.

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