Optimization Presets available: Get your 3D model ready for SparkAR, RealityComposer, PowerPoint and more


RapidCompact now offers ready-made optimization presets to create the best variant for your target use-case. After uploading your 3D model, you can simply choose the fitting setting from a menu. With the multi-select function, you can start the processing for multiple input models and multiple presets at once, getting a batch of models ready for many targets simultaneously.  

Currently, you can choose between presets for specific platforms: 

    • SparkAR 
    • Reality Composer 
    • Lens Studio 
    • Adobe Aero 
    • Office 3D (for Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint) 
    • Hololens 

Additionally, you can also use presets based on the Khronos 3D Commerce Asset Creation Guidelines, which were released in November 2020: 

  • Single Item Mobile 
  • Single Item Desktop 
  • Banner Ad 
  • Planning Tool 

RapidCompact makes the asset creation process easier by setting the correct configurations and optimization presets for you. You will not need any specific knowledge about 3D optimization, and can get started right away. With the batch processing capabilities, you can optimize many models simultaneously for different applications and targets. 

Sign up for the free plan now and try out the presets yourself! 

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RapidCompact is an automated solution to optimize your 3D assets for the use in real-time applications. With more than six years of development and experience with customers from different industries, DGG shapes RapidCompact to automate 3D pipelines and enables large-scale use-cases. Sign up for free!

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