Video tutorials, forum available, new licensing plans – RapidCompact Update July


We have updated the RapidCompact platform. There have been changes to the way the platform works, updates on licensing and the introduction of video tutorials for easy use of the user interface. Here the most relevant changes for you.

Video tutorials and user guides

As requested in the user survey in 2020, we have worked on improved support material for platform users. We have updated our documentation and added some short video clips to guide you through the RapidCompact portal.

Only one type of Rapid Points from now on

The distinction between “monthly” and “additional” Rapid Points has been repealed. From now on there will only be one type of Rapid Points.

Forum released

We have released a forum for our community. You can now ask questions and share your experiences with other users. This way it is possible to interact with other users and learn from them as well. Of course, our team is also available to answer questions and help in discussions in the forum. Especially for users in the free plan, the forum is a great option to get support.
forum RapidCompact preview

New commercial plans available

We have updated our offering and adjusted the licensing plans. The free plan enables users to use RapidCompact on a small scale within the browser. Our API is available with each commercial plan, offering more automation capabilities.

Rapid Points carry over to next month in new commercial plans

In our new commercial plans (basic or professional), your unused Rapid Points of the previous month will be carried over to the next one. This way, you will be able to save Rapid Points and won’t lose any with the transition to the next month.

Optimization Presets live

Since last month, you can optimize your models with our pre-defined settings – or “presets” as we call them – quickly for application in SparkAR, Reality Composer, PowerPoint and more. For more information.

About RapidCompact

RapidCompact is an automated solution to optimize your 3D assets for the use in real-time applications. With more than six years of development and experience with customers from different industries, DGG shapes RapidCompact to automate 3D pipelines and enables large-scale use-cases. Sign up for free!

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